Sunday, 20 May 2012


Early Medieval tunic and undertunic for a girl

underunic and thorsbergen trouser for my son

Next weekend we will be having our first event of the year, finally! The early medieval undertunic and tunic for the daughter of friends are almost finished,  only the sleeves need to be hemmed. And I promised to make her a cloak. I hope the outfit fits, as they live quite far away her dad took her measurements. Usually I insist on taking the measurements myself. As they whole outfit has turned out very long and thin, I must admit not having much faith in it.

But the vikingkit for my son has a higher priority at the moment. Both tunic and trousers are wide and long, and will have deep seams. Which can be let out when he grows.
I must say that after all the trouble I had with making modern clothing. It is a relieve to be able to make something fast and easy.

Did I mention that I need a new pair of nalebound socks? It's going to be a busy week!


Laura said...

The tunic turned out lovely I sure hope it fits.

Cathy Raymond said...

They look great, though! Good luck getting it all done in time.

Esther said...

@Laura, thnx I really doubt it as they fit my ten year old son just barely and she is about fourteen. If they don't fit her, we'll shorten them both and he'll have two new tunics. Or if they fit one of the younger girls in the group the outfit will go to her.
But I sure hope they fit!

@Cathy, thnx! It was nice to do some "early" costumes again. Luckily my husband is helping me with our sons costume. We are almost ready with his outfit.