Thursday, 29 March 2012

50's inspired circle skirts

Inspired by th circle skirt that my friend Eline wore during our photoshoot together. I am now working on, not one but two, circle skirts myself.

The black fabric with the white dots is a stretch fabric which is a challange for me. I only started to work with stretch fabric very recently when I bought my overlock sewing machine. And I still haven't found out how to make a hem with it...

The fabric of the other skirt is very thin, so made an attached white tricot underskirt beneath it. The upperskirt would best be done with a rollseam, but that is tricky as well.

I am also working on viking outfit for the daugther of a friend.

And teaching childeren at school how to sew by hand. We are currently making a decorated felt purse. Mine isn't finshed yet as you can see in the picture. It still needs a strap and a closure.

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lauradora said...

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