Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Edwardian Underbust Corset

I finally started to work on my Edwardian underbust corset. I am a little bit, or actually more than a little bit, nervous. Because it is the first real corset that I will be making. The first result look promising. I like the effect of the mock-up model so far. The pictures and description that come with the pattern are clear and easy to understand. And even the sizing doesn't look like it needs to much work.

The pattern is Laughing Moon #113 Underbust Corset, view B the Corset Girdle.

I am not sure that I will be able to finish it in time for the Anton Pieck Parade in Haarlem on the 10th of December. This time is always really busy with my son's birthday (10th) and Sinterklaas. But if it's not finished I can wear the corset that I already have. So I'll try not to stress too much over it.

If been doing a lot of small crafty things the last weeks. Mainly trying out things to do with the childeren in school.

This is the "workshop" I will be doing, in two weeks time. Making a heychain/pursehanger with ribbons and beads. Easy and fun to do with quick results. I like it and hope they will do too!

My son and I made pompoms together and he really like it! Not sure what to do with it. Something traditional like decorations for winterhats, scarfs etc... Or something a little bit out of the box like making christmas decorations for in the tree... Or something a little bit crafty like making necklaces with them.

This scarf I knitted in one evening. It's perfect for impatient knitters like me!


Cathy Raymond said...

The underbust corset looks great so far! Good luck with it.

Hopblogger said...

I have been looking at the Viking apparel. You did a very nice job making the corset and the undergarment. Love it and have been thinking about making me one also after seeing yours. Is the corset tight or do you make it bigger?
Many hugs, Conny

Esther said...


I made the corset according my waist size and it isn't too tight. If you are a starter that is fine, but if you want a slimmer waist I would reccomend going down a size, and making a size smaller.