Thursday, 29 September 2011

Delightful little item

Sometimes a woman needs to treat herself with a little splendour. When I saw this necklace with cameo I just couldn't resist. Although I love the pendant, I really bought it for the necklace. The cameo and necklace where sold as Edwardian. But the haircut of the lady on the cameo suggests 1920's -1930's to me.

Sometimes the Edwardian era is expanded to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 years after King Edward's death in 1910. So I guess you could still call it Edwardian.

I intend to wear the necklace with my delicate white Edwardian blouse but with a camee that is a little bit older. The necklace is short so it should fit nicely around the high lace collar.

The original color of all these laces was 1970's brown. I was as bold to dye them black in order to make the more useful. On the far right an original colored pieces of lace. Which I did think was lovely but I couldn't use it as it was.

I am thinking about using the black lace for a black Edwardian (Tea?)Gown. Something along the lines of these dresses.

It would be a challange to remain authentic as possible and still make it fancy enough to wear to gothic/fantasy events like Castlefest and the Elf fantasy Fair.

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Lauren R said...

Those black tea gown are amazing, and you have a lovely blog :-)