Monday, 29 August 2011

Odds and ends

This weekend we attended the international vikingmarket at the Archeon. Two days earlier I finally finished a tunic for a little viking. The son of friends. It had been laying around nearly finished since the beginning of July.

The lovely tapewoven trim was a gift from Arda Sigibertsdottr from Sibbe Girbeson.

My Edwardian blouse is almost finished. I only need to sew the buttonholes and buttons on. I really dislike sewing buttonholes because often they don't turn out as nice as I would like.

Here are some pictures from the Vikingmarket at the Archeon. We had a lot of rain, but still had a great weekend.


Cathy Raymond said...

The Viking tunic and your Edwardian blouse are beautiful, and I always enjoy your pictures of Archeon market.

Esther said...

@Cathy, thank you! The Archeon is a nice place to be and makes a nice background for pictures... ;-)