Monday, 25 July 2011

Terra Maris, 12th century Motte-and-bailey castle reconstruction

During our vacation this year we visited Terra Maris, museum for the natural scenery of the province of Zeeland. Although we loved the museum and the surrounding gardens we mainly visited it for the 12th century Motte-and-bailey castle reconstruction they have. There are only three of these reconstructions in Europe. The other two are in France and in Germany. As these reconstructions are rare and the furniture inside is made by a good friend, Mark Beusen. We decided to visit it while on vacation in Zeeland.

Nice view on Castle Westhoven.

Here are some more pictures of Westhove Castle

A rare view a 12th century castle and a 17th century castle side by side.


Anonymous said...

Geweldig! Dat ziet er mooi uit, daar kunnen we volgend jaar wel heen met Rune! Bedankt voor de tip :)

Isis said...

in duitsland zijn er minimaal twee motte-reconstructies: de Lütjenburg in de buurt van Kiel/Lübeck en de Bachritterburg in Kanzach.