Monday, 17 August 2009

Mittelalterliches Burgfest at Burg Winnenthal, Germany

Finally a picture of my natural dyed viking costume! The apron is dyed with union skins and sewn by hand with silk. The tunic is dyed with madder. I am pleased with how they both turned out. I also dyed the silk kerchief myself with union skins.
This picture was taken early in the morning when it was still relatively cool, later on it became more than 30ÂșC. And then ofcourse I wore my linnen tunic without sleeves.

This evenent was really well organized and people where really nice, but as I don't speak German I wasn't as chatty as usual ;-) I took the opportunity to work on nalebound socks for myself using scraps of wool I had lying around.

I didn't finish them complety, I still need to make the heels of both socks, but I am never the less quite pleased with myself.

More pictures of this event on our website:


cathyr19355 said...

I like this outfit! The contrast between the red tunic and the goldish color produced by the onion skins is very pleasant (and I love autumnal red and gold combinations anyway).

Marije said...

Hi Cathy,
Thank you for the compliment. I am an autumn type as well ;-). BTW The photo where I nalebinding does better justice to the colors.