Sunday, 1 March 2009


The last month or so I haven't had the energy to post messages here, that doesn't mean however that I have been sitting stil. Here a short and mainly pictorial update.

Regarding the shawl project.

We did try warping the heddle loom, but the wool warp stuck together and was to elastic to creat a gap large enough to weave with.
Than my husband, reluctant to give up, deciced to creat a very basic and crude looking warp weighted loom.

Here you can see him making the heddle

And here you can see me weaving.

At this moment there are to many projects buzzing around in my head for me to be able to focus on just one.

So I've almost finished my victorian corset cover. It only needs buttons and buttonholes and maybe some lace on the bottom hem.

While looking around for nice and affourdable buttons, I've started working on a ball gown bodice to wear with my red velvet four gore bustle skirt and wash overkirt, for a more glamorous look than my current cuirass bodice.

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