Friday, 15 August 2008

Costuming Book has arrived

Today my copy of an old dutch costuming book " Ik kan kostuumnaaien, translated I can sew costume's, written by Henriette J. van Wessem (ca. 1900) came in. The outside shows it's age, but I don't care it's the inside that counts.
For me it is very useful as I haven't had any education making costumes and there are a lot of sewing techniques that I need explained.

Also I really love the fact that my grandmother probably used this book when she learned making costumes as well as she was a seamstress.

Besides sewing techniques there is also a lot of information about what was appropriated to wear when. For example it tells the difference between morning wear, day wear and evening wear but also between mourning wear.

I really recommend this book to all Dutch seamstresses especially if you want to make Victorian and Edwardian clothing.


artgrrl said...

Could you please tell me what kind of patterns are in this book? What era? Like late 19th century or also early 20th?

Esther said...

It's a book about early 20th century sewing techniques. With some black and with diagrams of clothing from that era.